Brooks Ghost 14 vs Brooks Launch 9: Which One is Best for You? 

Brooks has recently become a billion-dollar brand their brand that seemed to perfectly combine innovation with traditionalism into their running shoes.  

Their most popular shoe the ghost is one of my all-time favorites, it’s also one of the most demanded shoes in the whole of the United States out of all footwear categories. 

 So, brooks clearly know how to build running shoes. 

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the all-new brooks ghost 14 and Brooks launch 9.  

Now the brooks ghost has been a go-to daily trainer for runners of all different levels because of its mid-level cushioning its smooth ride and its overall comfortable fit compared to previous versions I like the 14 a lot more. 

Technical Details

Brooks Ghost 14Brooks Launch 9
TerrainRoadRoad, Treadmill
Arch SupportNeutralNeutral
Neutral Pronation
Neutral Pronation
Arch TypeHigh ArchHigh Arch
Forefoot Height24mm26mm
Heel to Toe Drop12mm10mm
UsesDaily Run
Long Distance
Daily Run
Speed Run
MaterialMesh UpperReflective Mesh upper
Strike PatternHeel StrikeHeel Strike
Toe BoxWideWide
Check Price For Men

Check Price For Women
Check Price For Men

Check Price For Women

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Key Differences Between Brooks Ghost 14 and Launch 9 

Brooks Ghost 14 and Launch 9 are two popular running shoes from the brand.  

Let’s look at the key differences between ghost 14 and launch 9. 

  • Launch 9 is slightly lighter than ghost 14 
  • Heel to Toe Drop Ghost-12mm; Launch 10mm 
  • The Ghost 14 is a little bit more expensive than the Launch 9 
  • Compared to Brooks Launch 9, the Ghost 14 has more cushioning and a wide toe box. 
Brooks Ghost 14 vs Launch 9 comparission

Starting With the Upper of ghost 14 

Its goanna has some small tweaks to it but overall, it’s still that consistent smooth ride that brooks go for with their go-to daily trainers so when we take a look at those small tweaks I want to start with the upper because I think the upper is way more dialed in than it used to be. 

 There’s going to be a simpler 3D footprint mesh that brooks have on top here. 

It’s going to feel more streamlined and when I first tried it on it almost felt like the brook’s launch 9 and the launch GTS – where it’s smoother you slip your foot into it a little bit easier and it’s a very comfortable breathable and overall simple upper which feels great. 

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When you’re taking it for longer runs it really catches that pace nicely and catches that airflow very nicely as well.  

There’s still going to be that padded tongue in that padded collar to give a little bit more of a comfortable feel there are some new laces as well.  

There are more flat laces instead of the puffy plush laces that they had in the 13. So, with those flatter laces the lockdown was really nice it just laid flat across the top of your foot I never got any hot spots when running in the ghost 14. 

It offers not a wide fit but a comfortable fit for any foot type and it fits pretty true to the size it comes in at around 10 ounces.  

So, it’s not going to be the lightest daily trainer but it’s not going to be the heaviest as well. 

It’s still going to be that mid-level daily trainer that you’re looking for so the midsole is going to have a full-length DNA loft as opposed to previous versions like the 13.  

There is only half of that DNA loft cushioning at the initial step in that full-length loft foam felt super soft and I really experienced something different than in the previous versions.


It’s going to give a smoother ride and a plusher feel but you’re still not going to feel like you’re swimming and cushioning the brooks glycerin is going to offer that max cushioning where if you’re looking for a plusher ride that’s going to be the ball cushioning that you’re looking for the ghost 14. 

pros and cons of brooks ghost 14 and brooks launch 9

Let’s Look at the Brooks Launch 9 

So, let’s run through some of the technical features of the shoe. 

Firstly, the upper of this new model has been totally redone, it’s got a strong synthetic material that really has no cause for concern.  

The shoe is a relatively slim fitting last so while the upper doesn’t restrict your foot it’s not going to offer you extra volume in the toe box.  

The launch uses a thin tongue which initially I was concerned would cause lace pressure issues but it doesn’t and in fact, the tongue disappears on foot the shoe uses flat laces which is a nice touch as this further reduces lace-related pressure risk compared with oval laces. 

Mid Sole & Ride  

The shoe has a flared heel counter which minimizes the pressure on the Achilles and it also has a flared midsole which widens the base of support to give you more ground contact and a more balanced ride.  

These are two really nice features the midsole version nine gains two millimeters of stack height compared with its predecessor and this cushioning is of course bio-Mogo DNA which is a cushioning system that’s neither firm nor soft it’s decently responsive and certainly durable.  

It’s not going to offer you the responsiveness of a racing shoe with p backs foam but it’s going to give you spring to your step with a durable resilient ride 


We’ve got a nice outsole coverage with good rubber. It’s got a nice orientation that’s going to give you a good grip and good durability and it also leaves you with the option of taking the shoe for a light off-road run. 

The launch 9 sits on the fence between a speed and distance-orientated shoe that will make it attractive for a variety of runners it will suit someone who’s light and efficient on their feet.  

The most and someone who trains at a variety of paces enough so that you can leverage the shoe’s light and responsive frame come to speed or temper day but also the shoe’s slightly cushioned frame comes an easy day. 

As I mentioned the launch nine is a great bang for your buck option being priced at 110 dollars for such a technical running shoe is a big winning point for some runners and it also is available in a stability equivalent called the launch GTS which is made with guide rails on the side which add an extra bit of support. 

How long do Brooks14 and Launch 9 shoes last? 

image for How long do Brooks14 and Launch 9 shoes last

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