Brooks Ghost 14 vs Brooks Levitate 5: Which is good for you? 

In this post, I’m going to put Brooks Ghost 14 and Levitate 5 to the test. 

So, if you’re looking for a DEEP comparison of these two popular shoes, you’ve come to the right place. 

Because in today’s post I’m going to compare Brooks Ghost 14 vs Brooks Levitate 5 in terms of: 

  • Materials & Aesthetic 
  • Technology 
  • Support 
  • Comfort 
  • Durability 
  • Unique features 
  • And lots more 

Check out our detailed Article… 

Technical Details

Brooks Ghost 14Brooks Levitate 5
Arch SupportNeutralNeutral
Neutral Pronation
Neutral Pronation
Arch TypeHigh ArchHigh Arch
Forefoot Height24mm21mm
Heel to Toe Drop12mm8mm
Uses Daily Run
Long Distance
Speed Run
MaterialMesh UpperKnit Upper
Strike PatternHeel StrikeForefoot/Midfoot strike
Toe BoxWideWide
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Check the price for women
Check the Price for men

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Key Differences between Brooks Ghost and Levitate 

Design-wise both of them are pretty similar, but they are still miles apart. 

The major difference is the Ghost 14 has a mesh upper while the Levitate 5 has a knit upper  

Other key differences are, 

  • Heel to Toe Drop of the ghost 14 is 12mm and the Levitate 5 has an 8mm drop.  
  • Both of them have a wider toe box. 
  • The brooks ghost 14 is slightly more lightweight than Levitate 5 

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Brooks Ghost 14 VS brooks Levitate 5 Comparison

First talk about Levitate 5 


The levitate 5 is a shoe that’s built for faster training sessions there may be a moderately thick wedge of DNA and midsole foam.  

But the shoe is a long way from a soft cushioned option, instead offering a firm responsive feel when picking up the pace. 

Design-wise towards more traditional with a well-padded upper and a generous shape.  

Although you can also pick up the levitate 5 stealth which has a leaner snugger fit.  

The levitate 5 also comes in a GTS edition which is the same design but with additional support 

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So, in terms of fit, this is actually the first, levitate shoe that I run in the series.  

I have spent a lot of running time with the brooks ghost 14 and I think there are similarities in terms of the fit with this shoe and also those kinds of space-age brooks aurora shoes.  

I would say generally it’s been a really comfortable kind of snug-fitting upper I’ve no real complaints actually. 

You’re not getting as much kind of padding as you do in ghost 14.  

The tongue panning is very similar in terms of that, the lace is a pretty kind of standard fare for me.  

It’s quite a nice generous shoe without being too loose it definitely fits true to size for me, and I found it to be very comfortable.  

It’s got nice stepping comfort it’s quite plush at the top and I have no issues with it at all. 


It’s a very firm midsole there’s not a lot of energy returns or bounce even though brooks do say that quite a lot on the website that said shoe design for energy return.  

I think it is responsive because of that hard midsole. But I didn’t really feel anything when I was wearing it. 

Definitely didn’t feel like I was getting a lot of help in running faster, so I think if you like a shoe that’s hard and you don’t want any bounce or you don’t want any modern technology that adds any sort of energy return or any sort of feeling that gives you that proportion, I think it’s fine.  

It feels like a very traditional hard-training shoe. 

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Pros And Cons

brooks ghost14  vs levitate 5 pros and cons

Let’s talk about the ghost 14 


The gross 14 is the latest version of brooks’ popular daily shoe lineup, designed to offer comfort and cushioning over daily training miles focused on comfort. 

 It comes from a soft plush upper alongside a thick midsole that’s now made from 100 DNA loft cushioning that’s brooks’ popular foam that’s built to offer a balance between responsiveness durability and comfort.  

The shoe features 3d printing on the soft upper to add structure whilst the outsole incorporates a generous level of rubber to help improve durability and traction on the road in different conditions. 


So, the ghost 14 fits true to size for me. It’s the same size I’ve worn in kind of all brick shoes I’ve ever tested really ranging from Hyperion racing flat all the way to things like glycerin.  

It’s a reasonably roomy toe box around the front, it’s a bit tighter around kind of the side but not in uncomfortable ways it’s a nice stretchy fabric. 

I’ve been using the brooks and ghost 14 over the last few weeks of marathon training, and I took him actually away on holiday as well. 

 I’ve been using kind of lots of quite big fairly big mileage weeks for me and doing kind of a lot of easy and steady running in the kind of the thing that really, they should eat up.  

Overall, I have enjoyed running in them, I think you’ve ended up kind of falling in between a couple of categories from me and not really being all-out comfortable like some shoes are while still being quite as versatile as the better kind of all-rounders on the market. 

The ghost 14 falls in between kind of useful categories, compared to some others it is comfortable but it’s not as comfortable as something like said Nike invincible or brooks glycerin. 

How long do Levitate 5 and Ghost last?

Average lifespan of brooks ghost and levitate 5

Final Thoughts – Should You Buy? 

So, the verdict for me on the brooks levitate 5 is it’s there’s not much really to it that I can talk about really. I just don’t think it’s a strange sort of middling shoe. 

It’s a daily trainer but it doesn’t feel very comfortable to wear for most of your daily miles. 

It’s a temporary trainer, but it doesn’t feel like it’s really designed as well as most of the other sorts of tempo-faster shoes out there at the moment.   

It just makes me feel like I’m just putting in more work in it which I don’t really want I never want an issue. 

So yeah, I think the Brooks Ghost 14 may be slightly softer than this.   

I think it’s designed for a similar thing I think you can use that for faster training miles and it’s a bit more enjoyable. 

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