How to Clean White Shoelaces (5 Clever Hacks)

White sneakers are very popular footwear, as they combine very well with a wide variety of looks. However, they can also become a big problem when it comes to cleaning them. 

 If you had a walk in the country or simply from the effects of pollution, you will see that the white laces have turned gray or brown. 

In this way, the whiteness of your shoe goes into the background, contrasted with that unpleasant color.  

Although there are many people who prefer to give them up for the loss and replace them with new laces, there are some simple and quick hacks to make them shine. 

How to clean white shoelaces

Can you wash shoelaces in washing machine? 

Before putting the shoelaces in the washing machine without giving it much thought, it is important that we ask ourselves if washing laces in the washing machine is the most advisable thing to do. 

The truth is that it can damage over time, so it is not the safest method to clean them.  

In fact, manufacturers like Nike, Asics, and Adidas suggest avoiding it. 

Many sneakers have different types of laces in terms of textures and colors, some are made of materials such as leather or suede.  

Therefore, a large amount of water they receive in the washing machine can be harmful to this type of material and it is best to wash them by hand. 

However, if they have a very difficult stain to remove, you can resort to this method from time to time. Here we will show you the best way to wash the shoelaces in the washing machine. 

White shoelaces have a reputation for getting dirty the same day we wear them. Over time, they accumulate so much dirt that they can appear to be a different color.  

Is there any way to return them to their original whiteness?  

There is a little trick that you can use, and for which you only need baking soda and talcum powder. 

Follow these steps and discover how to wash white shoelaces in the washing machine so they look like new. 

  • In a bowl, mix one and a half parts detergent with one part baking soda. Stir until both substances are well mixed. 
  • Moisten the shoes with a spray bottle or a damp cloth. They should not be very wet. 
  • Using a small brush, take the detergent and baking soda mixture and scrub your laces with it. Let the mixture take effect for a few minutes. 
  • Rinse the laces and sprinkle talcum powder on them to absorb moisture. 
  • Put them in the washing machine as we have indicated in the previous steps, but do not use soap. Use only the cycle water. You will see that they are like new! 

We recommend that you do not put the shoelaces directly in the washing machine drum, as it is better to wash them inside a cloth or mesh bag.  

Some branded sneakers come with their own bag, but if you don’t have a special bag, you can use any delicate bag. 

Can you bleach shoelaces to make them white? 

When the washer cycle is done, remove the laces from the mesh bag. If they’re not as clean or white as you’d like, you can add a bleach bath.  

If you are using chlorine bleach, you may want to wear rubber gloves when adding and removing the laces from the solution.  

For cotton laces,  

  • Pour two cups of warm water into a plastic or glass container and add one teaspoon of chlorine bleach, stirring well to mix.  
  • Add the laces, shake them through the solution so they are completely wet, and allow them to soak for five minutes.  
  • When the time is up, rinse the laces with cold water. If you are bleaching multiple pairs of laces, double the amount of water and bleach. 

For synthetic laces,  

  • Pour two cups of warm water into a plastic or glass container and add one tablespoon of oxygen bleach, stirring well to mix.  
  • Add the laces, shake them through the solution to thoroughly wet them, and let them soak for at least two hours, up to eight hours is fine.  
  • Oxygen bleach works much more slowly than chlorine bleach. Rinse well before drying. 

How to Clean White Shoelaces by Hand Washing 

how to wash white shoelaces by handwashing

1. Cleaning yellow strain with ammonia and baking soda 

Ammonia is of great help in solving the problem of how to whiten shoelaces that have been stained or yellowed.  

Well-used ammonia has a great advantage: it does not harm this type of fabric. Therefore, it is very effective for cleaning white shoes also 

If you want to wash white laces with ammonia follow these steps. 

  • With a toothbrush, remove the dust and dirt accumulated on the surface of the laces. 
  • In a plastic cup, mix the ammonia and dishwashing soap with the 2 liters of water. 
  • Place the laces in the cup and let them soak for 1 hour.  
  • Apply the baking soda and scrub with the toothbrush. Then Rinse the laces with cold water. 
  • After removing the baking soda, let the laces dry outdoors and in direct sunlight. 

2. Cleaning shoelaces with chlorine and vinegar 

Another effective method of handwashing white shoelaces is by using bleach, vinegar, or toothpaste.  

Although it seems a somewhat strange mixture, it is very effective. Take note of these instructions: 

Take out the laces of your sneakers and leave them in a container with soap and chlorine, for about 10 minutes. 

If you prefer to use vinegar, mix the vinegar with some blue liquid laundry detergent, take both products in a container and place the laces in the container and let them soak for 10 minutes. 

Probably you may be a question in your mind why use a blue detergent? basically what the blue does is it brings out the widest white in the laces that’s why when you do your laundry a lot of the detergents are blue.   

Let it act for about 10 minutes and rinse the laces with cold water.  

Then sock them with a clean, dry cloth. If there are remains, you can wash the laces with plenty of water and let them dry in the sun. 

3.Clean white shoelaces with baking soda 

How to whiten your stained or yellowish laces easily without using bleach?  

For this, baking soda is an excellent ally. Combining this product with hydrogen peroxide, you will see that cleaning white laces is much easier than it may seem at first.  

Since these two ingredients will allow you to remove stains that seem impossible to remove (bloodstain, coffee stain, etc.) and show off your radiant laces again. 

In a plastic container, mix 10 grams of baking soda, 10 ml hydrogen peroxide, and some water. 

  • Apply the paste mixture on the parts that have been more stained and cover them completely.  
  • Use the toothbrush to work the mixture into the laces and rub gently, emphasizing any stained areas. Leave them with the paste for 2 hours so that it has the maximum possible effect. 
  • Dry the shoelaces in a sunny place. 
  • When the paste is applied to the laces completely dry, remove the remains of baking soda from the laces with the thick bristle brush, which must be completely clean and dry. 
  • Then you can wash the laces with plain water to remove them and let them dry again. You will see how, after this treatment, your shoelaces will look like new. 

How do you dry your shoelaces fast?

Drying shoelaces fast

Not only washing your dirty laces but drying them is also an important thing to do. Your shoelaces may be damaged if you occasionally put them in the dryer.  

If you want to dry quickly, first you need to squeeze with a clean and dry towel and then you can put them in front of a fan or air-drying them is the best way of drying. 


I hope you enjoyed this updated guide to clean white shoelaces at home 

Now I’d like to hear from you: Which method are you using to clean your dirty laces?  

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now. 

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