Is it ok to put shoes in the dryer? (Explained)

You should clean your shoes regularly to keep them looking good.  

After washing them, it may take a long time for them to dry.  

If you have to use them the same day you wash them, you can throw them in the dryer. 

Is it safe to put shoes in the dryer

Although drying shoes in the dryer can cause some damage over time, it is much faster than air drying. 

However, if you’re in a hurry, put them in the dryer for faster drying.   

Don’t forget to set the temperature of the dryer to “Low.” Using a high-temperature setting can damage your shoes by loosening the glue and overheating the rubber. 

Add a few old clean towels to the dryer with your shoes. This will speed up the drying time and reduce the amount of noise the shoes will make during drying. 

Do not dry your shoes in the dryer too often, as this can cause damage to the shoes. 

Why you should avoid putting shoes in the dryer 

If you are wondering if you can put your shoes in the dryer, you should know that this is not recommended at all. For example, the rubber soles of your shoes could warp or shrink in the heat produced by the dryer. 

However, some shoe brands allow you to dry with a dryer. It is best to check the labels if they are suitable for putting in the dryer. 

Some allow you to remove the insoles or place the shoes in special covers to dry them in an appliance such as a dryer, but that’s not for all. 

What to Consider If you Put your Shoes in a Dyer 

1. Check the shoes’ care label to see if you can dry with the dryer. 

look at the shoe care label

Certain materials such as leather, suede, or gel-filled inserts can be damaged by the heat of the dryer. 

So, check the label of the shoes and what materials are made of. You will usually find this label on the inside of the shoes or the inside of the tongue. 

2. Always look at the material  

The most common materials used to make shoes include Leather, suede, foam, rubber, plastic, textiles, and synthetics. Each brand and designer will choose their material to complete the making of the shoe. 

You should not put shoes in the dryer if they have leather, suede, or fur parts. 

If you are still not sure whether or not you can put your shoes in the dryer, you should assume that they are not suitable to avoid accidentally damaging them. 

Avoid using the dryer if you have sneakers or if the shoes are made of leather, as the heat will damage them. 

3. Loosen the laces until they measure about 15 cm and tie the shoes together. 

Loosen the laces until they measure about 15 cm and tie the shoes together.  

Take both laces of a single shoe in one hand and use the other to hold the other shoe.  

Tie the laces of both shoes so they stay together. Make sure not to pull the knot too tight, as you won’t be able to undo it once the shoes dry. 

4. Put shoes in the dryer 

how to put shoes in the dryer

Place the shoe toe-down in the dryer, holding the laces against the top of the door, and close the door tightly.  

It is important that the shoes do not slide into the dryer, since if they hit the walls, they could deteriorate or damage the dryer.  

For this reason, we also do not recommend using the dryer with shoes without laces. 

This method works best with front-load dryers, but can also work with top-load dryers 

5. Set the dryer on low heat to avoid damaging the shoes. 

The dryer temperature should be as low as possible. Set it to a full cycle, and if the shoes are still damp afterward, put them in the dryer for an additional 20-30 minutes. 

Keep in mind that drying your shoes in a dryer can intensify the bad smell of your shoes. You should also not dry the shoes together with clothes in the dryer, as this could acquire a bad smell. 

How to Dry your Shoes the Right Way 

1. Dry shoes with News paper 

drying shoes with newspaper

If you searching for how to dry your shoes without damaging them, probably you may see them drying with newspaper.  

Of course, it’s an old idea but if you want to dry your expensive pair without damaging them use this method.     

Take note of the following tips to dry your shoes with newspaper effectively 

Take out the shoe insoles (if they have one) and roll newspaper into balls in the shoe, filling the entire shoe. 

Use another 2-3 sheets to completely wrap each shoe on the outside. Check the condition of the shoes every 2-3 hours and change the newspaper if it is damp. 

If you strictly follow these tips, you will prevent moisture from damaging your shoes. Also, remember that they must be as clean as possible when drying them. 

2. Dry shoes with a Fan 

Remember that you should not leave them too long in front of the fan, because if you dry them too much, the shoes will be too hard and it will be uncomfortable to wear them. 

1. Use a fan protected by a metal grid and make some wire hooks yourself. 

2. Hang them from the rack and put your shoes on them. 

3. Place the shoes on the wire so that the inside is facing the fan and the sole is facing out. 

4. It is important that the cords do not enter the area of the blades. 

By this method, it is possible for the shoes to be dry in less than 30 minutes. It is recommended to monitor the process and check the shoes from time to time

3. Dry shoes using the fridge 

Stuff the shoe with a newspaper. Make sure it’s tight and don’t leave any gaps. This serves to transfer moisture to the paper and thus prevent mold.  

When you’re done, the shoe should be so well stuffed that it feels hard. This is where the trick becomes special. If your refrigerator has a heated rack, hang your shoes behind it so the soles are close to the heat pipes. Let them dry there for half a day (no more). After removing them, place them to dry in the open air. 

4. Dry shoes with Sunlight 

The best natural way to dry your shoes is by putting them in the sunlight. if you have a place to put your shoes in the sun, it will be ideal.  

If your sneakers have gotten wet, you should remove the laces and open the tongue well so that the sun penetrates the entire surface and reaches the tip well. 

What happens if you wear wet shoes? 

Ideally, if your shoes, trainers, or boots get wet for any reason, you should quickly change your shoes and socks, especially if it is a very cold day. 

And it is that keeping the foot moist for a long time can cause what is known as Trench foot or immersion foot syndrome. It is an injury mainly to the bottom of the feet when exposed to cold and humidity for a long period of time. 

You can also get bacterial or fungal infections like athlete’s foot or fungal nails from darkness, heat, and humidity.   

What’s more, walking around in wet socks and boots on a long hike can cause foot problems like blisters on your feet. 

Final Thoughts 

You don’t need to wash and dry your shoes frequently, but it’s not a bad idea to do it from time to time. 

If you’re not in a hurry, I recommend simply letting your shoe air dry with something (like paper) stuffed inside them to help maintain their structure. 

If you’re busy and want to dry your shoes quickly, one of the above options should work. Just keep in mind that not all shoes are dryer safe. Always consult your manufacturer’s instructions when in doubt. 

I hope you found this article interesting and useful.   

With that, it’s time to hear what you have to say.   

Now you may have a clear idea about is it safe to put shoes in the dryer.  

Or maybe you have a question.    

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