Brooks Ghost 15 vs Brooks Glycerin 20: The Ultimate Comparison 

Welcome to our comprehensive comparison of two exceptional running shoes: the Brooks Ghost and the Brooks Glycerin.  

As experts in the field of running shoes, we understand the importance of finding the perfect pair that suits your needs, preferences, and running style.  

In this article, we will delve into the similarities and differences between the Brooks Ghost 15 and the Glycerin 20, helping you make an informed decision and choose the ideal running companion. 

Brooks Ghost VS Brooks Glycerin

Ghost 15 vs Glycerin 20: Similarities and Differences 

The Ghost 15 and Glycerin 20 are both highly regarded neutral shoes from the renowned brand, Brooks.  

Here’s a detailed technical side-by-side comparison table for comparing the Brooks Ghost 15 and the Brooks Glycerin 20: 

Features Brooks Ghost 15 Brooks Glycerin 20 
Cushioning DNA Loft midsole with Segmented Crash Pad DNA LOFT midsole with full-length DNA cushioning 
Upper Material Engineered mesh with 3D Fit Print overlays Engineered mesh with 3D Fit Print overlays 
Weight Approximately 9.9 ounces (men’s) / 8.4 ounces (women’s) Approximately 10.3 ounces (men’s) / 8.6 ounces (women’s) 
Stack Height 31mm (Heel), 19mm (Forefoot) 30mm (Heel), 18mm (Forefoot) 
Drop 12mm 10mm 
Fit Medium to high volume Medium to high volume 
Stability Neutral Neutral 
Outsole Durable and flexible rubber Durable and flexible rubber 
Traction Reliable on various surfaces Reliable on various surfaces 
Toe Box Roomy toe box Roomy toe box 
Breathability High High 
Durability Durable construction for long-lasting performance Durable construction for long-lasting performance 
Versatility Suitable for daily training and long-distance running Suitable for daily training and long-distance running 
Recommended Use Road running, daily training, and fitness activities Road running, daily training, and fitness activities 
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Let’s begin by exploring their key similarities and differences to provide you with a clear understanding of what sets them apart. 

Pricing and Brand 

The Ghost 15 is a mid-tier, mid-priced neutral daily trainer, while the Glycerin 20 stands as Brooks’ flagship premium neutral trainer.  

The Ghost 15 is priced at $140, making it a more affordable option, whereas the Glycerin 20 boasts a higher price point of $160. 

Weight and Heel Drop 

In terms of weight, the Ghost 15 weighs approximately 9.8 oz, while the Glycerin 20 comes in at 10.6 oz.  

Both shoes offer a balanced cushioning system, ensuring a comfortable running experience.  

While the exact heel drop measurements were not provided in the article, we can expect these shoes to offer suitable support for heel strikers. 

Now that we’ve established the fundamental similarities and differences, let’s dive deeper into the unique characteristics and performance of each shoe. 

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Brooks Ghost 15: The Pinnacle of Comfort and Versatility 

The Ghost 15 embodies supreme comfort, making it an exceptional choice for your daily training needs.  

This shoe features a high drop, catering to heel strikers seeking optimal cushioning and support.  

Its luxurious upper, consistent fit and reliable ride across various versions make it a reliable companion for long-distance runs and everyday training. 

The Ghost 15 introduces the DNA Loft v2 midsole, which provides a slightly firmer ride and increased weight compared to previous iterations.  

This enhanced midsole design delivers improved performance during faster-paced runs, while still offering ample comfort for slower-paced workouts. 

Reasons to choose brooks ghost

Brooks Glycerin 20: Unparalleled Versatility and Performance 

As Brooks’ flagship neutral shoe, the Glycerin 20 is engineered to cater to all types of runners, regardless of size or pace.  

This premium shoe guarantees exceptional comfort and durability, allowing you to tackle any distance without compromising speed. 

The Glycerin 20 boasts a full-length DNA Loft midsole, ensuring a velvety smooth ride with seamless transitions.  

Its plush cushioning and balanced/plush cushioning type make it an ideal choice for runners seeking a luxurious running experience.  

However, it’s worth noting that the Glycerin 20 may not provide the same level of stability as the Ghost due to its slightly softer midsole and lean bias. 

Reasons to choose Brooks Glycerin

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Sole Unit: Ghost 15 vs Glycerin 20 

When it comes to the sole unit, both the Ghost 15 and the Glycerin 20 feature single-density midsoles.  

The Ghost incorporates the DNA Loft v2, while the Glycerin utilizes the DNA Loft v3, resulting in a softer ride for the Glycerin. 

The Ghost 15 shines with its versatility, thanks to its firmer midsole.  

This allows the shoe to handle short-tempo runs with ease while still providing sufficient cushioning for longer distances.  

On the other hand, the Glycerin 20 excels in providing a plush and comfortable ride, making it an excellent choice for relaxed-paced long runs. 

Both shoes offer smooth ride transitions, courtesy of their single-density midsoles. Additionally, they are known for their high levels of stability.  

However, the Ghost 15 edges ahead in terms of overall stability due to its firmer midsole and reduced lean bias compared to the Glycerin. 

In terms of outsole design, the Ghost 15 and Glycerin 20 share similarities.  

However, the Ghost incorporates flex grooves that run through the entire forefoot, enhancing its flexibility.  

The Glycerin, on the other hand, features flex grooves that stop halfway through the forefoot, resulting in slightly less flexibility in that area.  

Additionally, the Glycerin’s outsole boasts HPR Plus high-abrasion-resistant rubber on the heel, offering enhanced durability compared to the Ghost’s blown rubber outsole. 

Upper Unit: Ghost 15 vs Glycerin 20 

Both the Ghost 15 and the Glycerin 20 feature super plush and padded uppers.  

The engineered mesh construction provides a comfortable sock-like fit that molds to the foot, ensuring a secure lockdown.  

However, it’s worth noting that the ample padding in the uppers may lead to reduced breathability, potentially causing the feet to become warmer during runs. 

The key distinction between the two uppers lies in the design approach.  

The Glycerin 20 opts for a seamless, smoother upper with no synthetic overlays on the sides.  

This results in a cleaner aesthetic and a potentially more comfortable fit.  

Furthermore, the Glycerin is available in regular and wide versions, while the Ghost offers a wider range of options, including narrow, regular, wide, and extra-wide sizes. 

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Iminfographics for Comparison of Brooks Ghost  vs Brooks Glycerin

My Personal Experience with Brooks Ghost 15 vs Brooks Glycerin 20: A Ghostly Affair 

As a dedicated runner, I have always had a special affinity for Brooks running shoes.  

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out two popular models, the Brooks Ghost 15 and the Brooks Glycerin 20.  

I will share my personal experience and why the Brooks Ghost 15 has become my favorite companion on the roads. 

From the moment I slipped on the Brooks Ghost 15, I knew I had found something special. 

The shoe’s fit was snug yet comfortable, hugging my feet in all the right places.  

As I hit the pavement, the cushioning system of the Ghost 15 offered a perfect balance of softness and responsiveness.  

Each stride felt incredibly smooth, thanks to the shoe’s ability to absorb impact efficiently.  

The Ghost 15’s midsole provided excellent arch support and stability, which was particularly beneficial during longer runs.  

I was impressed by its durability, as the shoe showed no signs of wear even after extensive use.  

The Ghost 15 quickly became my go-to shoe, providing unmatched comfort and reliable performance. 

While the Brooks Glycerin 20 is undeniably a well-designed running shoe, it didn’t quite capture my heart the same way as the Ghost 15.  

The Glycerin 20 boasted a plush and cushioned ride, similar to walking on clouds.  

Its midsole provided ample support, making it suitable for runners with a neutral gait.  

The shoe’s breathability was commendable, keeping my feet cool and dry even during intense workouts.  

However, compared to the Ghost 15, the Glycerin 20 felt slightly bulkier and less responsive.  

Although it served me well during shorter runs and recovery sessions, it didn’t quite provide the same level of comfort and performance that the Ghost 15 delivered. 

In the battle of the Brooks Ghost 15 vs Brooks Glycerin 20, my personal preference clearly leans towards the Ghost 15.  

The Ghost 15’s impeccable balance of comfort, responsiveness, and durability won me over.  

Its ability to deliver a smooth ride, paired with the right amount of cushioning and stability, perfectly suited my running style.  

While the Glycerin 20 offered its own merits, it didn’t match the Ghost 15 in terms of overall performance and the feeling of a tailored fit. 

After using both the Brooks Ghost 15 and the Brooks Glycerin 20, it became evident that the Ghost 15 was my preferred choice. 

Its exceptional comfort, responsiveness, and durability make it the perfect companion for my runs.  

However, personal preferences may vary, and it is essential to consider factors such as foot type, gait, and individual needs when selecting a running shoe.  

Whether you choose the Ghost 15 or the Glycerin 20, both models reflect the quality and craftsmanship that make Brooks a trusted brand among runners. 

Pros And Cons of  Brooks Ghost and Brooks Glycerin

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Making the Right Choice: Ghost 15 vs Glycerin 20 

Now that we’ve explored the unique characteristics of both the Ghost 15 and the Glycerin 20, let’s help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences. 

If your focus lies predominantly on long-distance running, the Glycerin 20 stands out as the ideal choice.  

This premium shoe delivers a luxurious upper, plush cushioning, and a full-length DNA Loft midsole for a velvety smooth ride.  

It caters to runners of all sizes and paces, providing unmatched comfort and support. 

For those seeking a more versatile option at a lower price point, the Ghost 15 emerges as the top contender.  

Despite being $20 cheaper than the Glycerin, the Ghost maintains a soft and luxurious upper that sets it apart in its class.  

The firmer midsole of the Ghost allows it to excel in short, tempo runs while retaining a commendable level of stability. 

Ultimately, the choice between the Ghost 15 and the Glycerin 20 depends on your specific running goals, preferences, and budget.  

Both shoes offer exceptional qualities and are designed to provide a superior running experience. 

In conclusion, the Brooks Ghost and Brooks Glycerin represent top-tier running shoes with their distinct features and performance capabilities.  

By carefully considering the similarities and differences outlined in this article, you can confidently choose the shoe that best aligns with your running aspirations and requirements. 

Average Milage of Brooks Ghost and Brooks Glycerin


What are the main differences between the Brooks Ghost 15 and the Brooks Glycerin 20?  

The Brooks Ghost 15 and the Brooks Glycerin 20 are both popular running shoes, but they have distinct features.  

The Ghost 15 is known for its balanced cushioning, versatility, and responsiveness.  

It offers a combination of comfort and support, making it suitable for various running activities.  

The Glycerin 20, on the other hand, is designed with a focus on maximum cushioning and plushness.  

It provides a soft and luxurious feel, ideal for runners seeking a more cushioned experience.  

The key differences lie in their cushioning technologies and the level of responsiveness desired by the runner. 

Which shoe is better for long-distance running, the Brooks Ghost 15 or the Brooks Glycerin 20?  

Both the Brooks Ghost 15 and the Brooks Glycerin 20 can handle long-distance running, but they cater to different preferences.  

The Ghost 15’s balanced cushioning and responsiveness make it a popular choice for runners seeking a comfortable and supportive option for longer distances.  

It offers a mix of cushioning and energy return, providing a smoother ride.  

On the other hand, the Glycerin 20’s emphasis on maximum cushioning makes it an excellent choice for runners who prioritize plushness and extra comfort during long-distance runs.  

Selecting between the two depends on your personal preference for cushioning and responsiveness. 

Are there significant differences in terms of stability and support between the Brooks Ghost 15 and the Brooks Glycerin 20?  

Yes, there are noticeable differences in stability and support between the Brooks Ghost 15 and the Brooks Glycerin 20. 

The Ghost 15 offers moderate stability, making it suitable for neutral runners or those with mild pronation.  

It provides a balanced level of support to promote a natural gait.  

On the other hand, the Glycerin 20 is designed with a focus on cushioning and comfort rather than stability.  

It caters to neutral runners who don’t require additional support.  

If you have specific stability needs or overpronation, the Ghost 15 may be a better option. 

What can I expect in terms of cushioning and responsiveness from the Brooks Ghost 15 and the Brooks Glycerin 20?  

The Brooks Ghost 15 and the Brooks Glycerin 20 offer different experiences in cushioning and responsiveness.  

The Ghost 15 provides a balanced cushioning system, combining softness and responsiveness to deliver a comfortable and energized ride.  

It strikes a good balance between impact absorption and energy return.  

In contrast, the Glycerin 20 emphasizes maximum cushioning, providing a plush and luxurious feel underfoot.  

It prioritizes softness and comfort, offering excellent shock absorption.  

Consider your preference for balanced cushioning or maximum plushness when selecting your shoe. 

What do users say about the Brooks Ghost 15 and the Brooks Glycerin 20? 

User reviews for the Brooks Ghost 15 often highlight its versatility, comfort, and responsiveness.  

Runners appreciate its ability to handle various running activities, including long-distance runs.  

For the Brooks Glycerin 20, reviews often mention its exceptional cushioning, plushness, and comfort.  

Users praise its ability to provide a luxurious feel and enhanced protection during runs.  

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