ASICS GT 1000 12 vs ASICS GT 2000 11 – A Detailed Comparison

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of running shoes, ASICS has long been a go-to brand for runners seeking comfort, support, and performance.  

Among their popular offerings, the ASICS GT 1000 12 and ASICS GT 2000 11 stand out as exceptional choices, each boasting its unique set of features and benefits.  

In this comprehensive article, we embark on a journey to compare these two running shoe models and help you make an informed decision, ultimately leading to the ideal shoe that suits your needs and preferences. 

Comparison Overview of asics gt 1000 12 vs gt 2000 11

Technical Side-by-Side Comparison: ASICS GT 1000 12 vs ASICS GT 2000 11  

Category ASICS GT 1000 12 ASICS GT 2000 11 
Cushioning Technology Rearfoot GEL Technology Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Technology 
Heel Drop 10mm 10mm 
Weight Moderate – Approx. 10.1 oz Moderate – Approx. 10.8 oz 
Upper Material Engineered Mesh and Synthetic Overlays Engineered Mesh and Synthetic Overlays 
Breathability Good Excellent 
Fit Comfortable and Supportive Comfortable and Secure 
Arch Support Stability and Supportive Stability and Supportive 
Outsole Material Durable Rubber Outsole Durable Rubber Outsole 
Traction Reliable Grip Reliable Grip 
Flexibility Standard Flexibility Standard Flexibility 
Pronation Control Overpronation Support Overpronation Support 
Stability Stability Control Stability Control 
Durability Durable Durable 
Best Use Stability Running Long-distance Running 
Recommended Distance Short to Medium Distances Medium to Long Distances 
Technology DuoMax Support System Dynamic DuoMax Support System 
Heel Counter Internal Heel Counter External Heel Counter 

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Before diving into the intricacies of the ASICS GT 1000 12 and ASICS GT 2000 11, let’s briefly introduce these two remarkable running shoes. 

Overview of ASICS GT 1000 12 

The ASICS GT 1000 12 is the latest iteration in the GT 1000 series, known for its excellent stability and support, catering to runners who overpronate.  

Designed to provide a balanced and comfortable running experience, the GT 1000 12 incorporates ASICS’ DuoMax support system, which helps prevent excessive inward rolling of the foot during the gait cycle.  

This feature makes the shoe an excellent choice for those seeking optimal stability and protection against potential injuries. 

Reasons to choosing the asics gt 1000 12

Overview of ASICS GT 2000 11 

On the other hand, the ASICS GT 2000 11 is part of the renowned GT 2000 series, which has garnered popularity for its reliable cushioning and responsiveness.  

Geared towards overpronators, this model boasts ASICS’ FlyteFoam technology, delivering lightweight and responsive cushioning that facilitates a smooth ride.  

The GT 2000 11 is tailored to offer a balance of support and flexibility, making it an ideal companion for long-distance runs and high-mileage training sessions. 

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Top 5 reasons to choose the asics gt 2000 11

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Stability and Support 

One of the primary considerations for overpronators is the level of stability and support provided by running shoes.  

In this aspect, both the ASICS GT 1000 12 and GT 2000 11 excel, catering to individuals with different degrees of pronation. 

  • ASICS GT 1000 12: With its DuoMax support system and Guidance Line technology, the GT 1000 12 is designed to provide exceptional stability and control for moderate overpronators. The DuoMax support system reduces inward rolling of the foot, enhancing overall gait efficiency and minimizing the risk of overuse injuries. 
  • ASICS GT 2000 11: The GT 2000 11 features ASICS’ Dynamic DuoMax technology, which offers similar stability benefits to the GT 1000 12. However, the GT 2000 11 is better suited for mild to moderate overpronators, providing a smoother and more natural transition through the gait cycle. 

Cushioning and Responsiveness 

Another vital aspect to consider is the level of cushioning and responsiveness offered by the running shoes.  

Runners often seek a balance between soft cushioning for comfort and responsive cushioning for a more energetic running experience. 

  • ASICS GT 1000 12: The GT 1000 12 utilizes ASICS’ signature GEL cushioning in the rearfoot, providing excellent shock absorption during impact. This cushioning technology ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, ideal for runners seeking a plush feel. 
  • ASICS GT 2000 11: In comparison, the GT 2000 11 takes cushioning to the next level with its FlyteFoam technology. This lightweight and responsive cushioning not only absorbs shock but also returns energy with each stride, making it a popular choice for runners who desire an energetic and lively ride. 

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Flexibility and Durability 

Flexibility and durability play crucial roles in determining the overall performance and longevity of running shoes.  

A flexible shoe aids in natural foot movement, while durability ensures that the shoes can withstand the rigors of regular training. 

  • ASICS GT 1000 12: The GT 1000 12 features a flexible outsole and engineered mesh upper, promoting a more natural and comfortable running experience. The AHAR rubber outsole enhances durability, making the shoe capable of enduring high-impact activities. 
  • ASICS GT 2000 11: Similarly, the GT 2000 11 offers excellent flexibility with its Guidance Trusstic System and flex grooves in the outsole. The shoe also incorporates ASICS’ durable AHARPLUS rubber, ensuring a long-lasting and dependable running companion. 

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Fit and Comfort 

The GT 1000 12 boasts a snug and supportive fit, cradling the foot comfortably during runs.  

The padded collar and tongue contribute to an irritation-free experience, enhancing overall comfort levels.  

The engineered mesh upper allows for ample breathability, preventing excessive heat buildup during longer runs. 

Similarly, the GT 2000 11 provides a comfortable and secure fit, catering to a wide range of foot shapes.  

The shoe’s engineered mesh upper aids in maintaining proper ventilation, ensuring a pleasant running experience even during intense workouts. 

Weight and Portability 

The GT 1000 12 leans towards a lightweight design, allowing for effortless movements and reduced strain on the legs.  

This characteristic can be particularly advantageous for runners aiming to improve their speed and performance. 

Similarly, the GT 2000 11 exhibits a lightweight profile, complementing its role as a versatile and efficient running shoe.  

Its manageable weight facilitates ease of use and convenience, especially during longer runs and races. 

Price Point and Value 

The GT 1000 12 tends to sit at a lower price point compared to the GT 2000 11, making it an attractive option for runners on a budget.  

Despite its affordability, the GT 1000 12 does not compromise on essential features, making it a fantastic value-for-money choice. 

The GT 2000 11 is positioned at a slightly higher price point, considering its more advanced cushioning technology and responsiveness.  

For runners seeking top-notch features and performance, the GT 2000 11 justifies its investment with its exceptional performance. 

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Technical Comparison of asics gt 1000 12 vs gt 2000 11

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My Personal Favorite: ASICS GT 1000 12 or ASICS GT 2000 11? 

As a runner, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out both fantastic running shoe models, and I must say, they’ve left quite an impression on me. 

Let’s start with the ASICS GT 1000 12.  

When I first laced up these babies and hit the pavement, I was instantly blown away by the level of support they provided.  

You see, I tend to overpronate a bit, and the GT 1000 12’s DuoMax support system worked wonders for my feet.  

It felt like the shoes were giving my feet a gentle hug, keeping them stable and secure throughout my runs.  

Not to mention the incredible cushioning in the rearfoot!  

It absorbed every impact, making each stride feel smooth and comfortable.  

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I’ve taken these shoes on long-distance runs, and they’ve never let me down.  

Plus, the lightweight design is a huge plus for me, especially during races when every ounce counts. 

So, the GT 1000 12 has definitely earned a special spot in my heart as my go-to companion for training sessions and races. 

Now, let’s talk about the ASICS GT 2000 11.  

These shoes are something else!  

As soon as I slipped them on, I could feel the energy and responsiveness in every step.  

The FlyteFoam technology took cushioning to a whole new level, giving me that extra bounce and propulsion during my runs.  

What I love most about the GT 2000 11 is its versatility.  

It strikes the perfect balance between stability and flexibility, making it suitable for various types of workouts.  

Whether I’m going for a quick tempo run or a steady long-distance jog, the GT 2000 11 delivers exceptional performance.  

And let’s not forget the sleek and stylish design – they look as good as they feel!  

So, it’s no surprise that the GT 2000 11 has earned the title of my personal favorite.  

It’s like having a reliable and energetic running buddy that keeps me motivated and always ready to tackle new challenges. 

In conclusion, both the ASICS GT 1000 12 and ASICS GT 2000 11 have impressed me with their outstanding features and performance.  

If you’re looking for exceptional stability and support with a lightweight feel, the GT 1000 12 won’t disappoint.  

On the other hand, if you crave that extra responsiveness and versatility, the GT 2000 11 is the way to go.  

As for my personal favorite, the GT 2000 11 takes the crown with its energizing cushioning and all-around performance.  

But hey, every runner is different, so give both shoes a try and see which one wins your heart on the track! 

Pros and Cons of asics gt 1000 12 and gt 2000 11

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Conclusion: Making the Right Choice 

In conclusion, the choice between the ASICS GT 1000 12 and GT 2000 11 depends on your specific running needs and preferences.  

The GT 1000 12 caters to overpronators seeking excellent stability and support, making it a reliable choice for moderate overpronation.  

On the other hand, the GT 2000 11 offers a lightweight and responsive running experience, perfect for mild to moderate overpronators looking for an energetic and dynamic ride. 

Durability Comparison of asics gt 1000 12 and gt 2000 11


What are the key differences between ASICS GT 1000 12 and ASICS GT 2000 11? 

  • The ASICS GT 1000 12 and GT 2000 11 are both exceptional running shoe models, but they have distinct features catering to different types of runners. 
  • The GT 1000 12 is part of ASICS’ GT 1000 series, focusing on stability and support for moderate overpronators. On the other hand, the GT 2000 11 belongs to the GT 2000 series, offering a blend of cushioning and responsiveness for mild to moderate overpronators. 

Which running style suits the ASICS GT 1000 12 and ASICS GT 2000 11 best? 

The ASICS GT 1000 12 is well-suited for runners who overpronate and require additional stability during their runs. 

For mild to moderate overpronators looking for a responsive and well-cushioned ride, the ASICS GT 2000 11 would be an excellent choice. 

What level of support and cushioning do the ASICS GT 1000 12 and ASICS GT 2000 11 provide? 

The GT 1000 12 features ASICS’ DuoMax support system, providing targeted stability to prevent excessive inward rolling of the foot. It is equipped with rearfoot GEL cushioning for shock absorption and a smoother transition. 

In contrast, the GT 2000 11 incorporates FlyteFoam technology, offering lightweight and responsive cushioning that enhances energy return and overall comfort. 

Are the ASICS GT 1000 12 and ASICS GT 2000 11 suitable for long-distance running? 

Yes, both the GT 1000 12 and GT 2000 11 are designed to handle long-distance running and high-mileage training sessions. 

The GT 1000 12’s stability features and cushioning ensure support and comfort throughout extended runs, while the GT 2000 11’s responsiveness makes it an energetic choice for covering more miles. 

Which shoe is more budget-friendly: ASICS GT 1000 12 or ASICS GT 2000 11? 

Generally, the ASICS GT 1000 12 is positioned at a more budget-friendly price point compared to the GT 2000 11. 

While both models offer excellent value for their features, the GT 1000 12 provides a cost-effective option for runners seeking stability and support without compromising on quality. 

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