Hoka Clifton 9 vs Hoka Mach 5: The Ultimate Running Experience 

As passionate runners and dedicated fitness enthusiasts, we understand the pivotal role that the right pair of running shoes plays in shaping your performance and comfort during those exhilarating miles.  

Today, we embark on a journey to unravel the intricate nuances between two of Hoka’s remarkable creations – the Clifton 9 and the Mach 5.  

With an unwavering commitment to providing you with unparalleled insights, we delve deep into the features, technologies, and performance aspects of these running stalwarts. 

Comparison Overview of Hoka Clifton 9 vs Mach 5

Technical Comparison Table – Hoka Clifton 9 vs Hoka Mach 5 

Category Hoka Clifton 9 Hoka Mach 5 
Cushioning Technology EVA Midsole PROFLY Midsole 
Heel Drop 5mm 5mm 
Weight Lightweight – Approx. 8.7 oz Lightweight – Approx. 7.5 oz 
Upper Material Engineered Mesh and Overlays Engineered Mesh and Thin Overlays 
Breathability Good Good 
Fit Comfortable and Supportive Snug and Secure 
Arch Support Neutral Neutral 
Outsole Material Rubberized Foam Rubberized Foam 
Traction Reliable Grip Reliable Grip 
Flexibility Standard Flexibility Standard Flexibility 
Pronation Control None None 
Stability Neutral Neutral 
Durability Durable Durable 
Best Use Everyday Running Versatile Running 
Recommended Distance Short to Medium Distances Short to Medium Distances 
Heel Counter External Heel Counter External Heel Counter 

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The Evolution of Excellence 

Hoka Clifton 9: A Legacy of Luxurious Comfort 

The Clifton series, a cornerstone of Hoka’s innovative lineup, stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to redefining cushioned running experiences.  

Emerging from a legacy that spans nine iterations, the Clifton 9 radiates sophistication and expertise.  

Its distinctive Meta-Rocker geometry, a hallmark of Hoka’s design prowess, catapulted it to the forefront of the running world.  

This geometry, combined with a single-density CMEVA midsole, creates a harmonious symphony of cushioning and energy-saving transitions. 

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Hoka Mach 5: Pinnacle of Agility and Versatility 

In the realm of lightweight and versatile neutral trainers, the Hoka Mach 5 stands as a beacon of innovation.  

With the latest iteration infusing significant enhancements to its midsole, outsole, and upper, the Mach 5 has embarked on a transformative journey.  

The dual foam PROFLY+ setup, characterized by a delicate interplay between softer foam atop rubberized EVA, encapsulates a dynamic responsiveness that empowers your every stride.  

Embracing a lighter weight without compromising on durability, the Mach 5 thrives as a vibrant option for runners seeking a swift and adaptive companion. 

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Technical Comparison of Hoka Clifton 9 vs Mach 5

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Unveiling the Performance Landscape 

Cushioning and Ride Quality 

The Clifton 9 beckons with a softer ride that boasts profound cushioning, ideally tailored for long runs and easy-paced jaunts.  

Its generous stack height, composed of the CMEVA midsole, ensures a cocooning embrace that minimizes impact stress and maximizes comfort.  

On the other hand, the Mach 5 takes a slightly different route, offering a firmer yet responsive ride.  

The dual foam configuration of the PROFLY+ midsole confers a snappier energy return, rendering it a compelling choice for tempo runs and spirited bursts of speed. 

Stability and Ground Feel 

Elevating the running experience, stability finds its zenith in the Clifton 9.  

With raised midsole sidewalls and the distinctive Meta-Rocker geometry, this shoe ushers you through seamless transitions while cradling your feet in a reassuring cupping sensation.  

In contrast, the Mach 5 delights in providing a heightened ground feel, inviting you to intimately connect with the terrain beneath your feet.  

Its thinner midsole and absence of traditional outsole rubber foster a direct tactile interface with the ground, amplifying your awareness and agility. 

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Pros And Cons of Hoka Clifton 9 and Mach 5

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The Artistry of Design 

Sole Unit and Outsole 

The Clifton 9 exhibits a singular density CMEVA midsole, punctuated by targeted areas of firmer blown rubber on the outsole.  

This meticulous design enhances durability, enabling the Clifton 9 to withstand the rigors of extended runs and diverse terrains.  

Conversely, the Mach 5 exudes a dual foam opulence with its PROFLY+ midsole, augmenting cushioning and responsiveness.  

However, its outsole deviates from convention, embracing rubberized EVA foam exclusively, a choice that merits consideration when evaluating long-term durability. 

Upper Elegance and Fit 

Both contenders showcase engineered mesh uppers that marry breathability and structural integrity seamlessly.  

The Clifton 9 lavishes in padded opulence, with a gusseted tongue, collar, and heel tab, ensuring a snug lockdown that harmonizes with its narrow fit.  

Meanwhile, the Mach 5 favors a lighter approach, balancing comfort and ventilation with a thin, flat tongue and a gusseted design.  

Its wider fit accommodates a broader range of foot shapes, catering to those seeking a bit more breathing room. 

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Durability Comparison of Hoka Clifton 9 and Mach 5

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My Running Experience with the Hoka Clifton 9 and the Mach 5 

Running with these shoes has been an absolute game-changer for me, and I’m excited to share my journey and experience with you. 

So, let’s dive right in.  

I started off with the Hoka Clifton 9, and boy, did it revolutionize my runs.  

The cushioning on these babies is like running on a cloud – seriously, it’s hard to describe the comfort level until you actually feel it.  

Long runs became less of a battle against impact, and more of a delightful glide.  

The Meta-Rocker geometry played a significant role in making my transitions smoother, and I found myself conserving more energy on those extended jaunts.  

The Clifton 9’s stability was a game-changer, especially during those hilly terrains where I used to feel the strain in my legs.  

It’s like having a trusty sidekick that’s got your back, or rather, your feet! 

Now, let’s talk about the Mach 5.  

This lightweight wonder took my faster runs to a whole new level.  

The responsiveness of the dual foam PROFLY+ midsole was palpable – it’s like they added a spring to my step.  

I could easily switch gears, whether it was sprinting or interval training.  

The breathability of the engineered mesh upper was a refreshing touch, keeping my feet cool even during intense sessions.  

While the Mach 5 might not have the same plushness as the Clifton 9, it more than makes up for it with its agility and versatility.  

It’s my go-to for days when I’m aiming for speed without compromising too much on comfort.  

So, which one’s my favorite?  

It’s a tough call, but I’d say the Clifton 9 has a special place in my heart for those long, soul-soothing runs, while the Mach 5 adds that zing of excitement to my speed workouts. 

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Reasons for Choosing Hoka Mach 5

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Making the Informed Choice 

As you stand at the crossroads of this compelling comparison, the decision between the Hoka Clifton 9 and the Hoka Mach 5 materializes as an intricate interplay between your running aspirations and preferences.  

The Clifton 9 emerges as a stalwart companion for extended journeys, encapsulating your feet in an indulgent cushioning embrace while fostering stability and energy-efficient transitions.  

On the contrary, the Mach 5 dazzles with its agile responsiveness, beckoning you to amplify your pace and embrace the thrill of speed. 

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Top 5 Reasons for Choosing the Hoka Clifton 5


What are the main differences between Hoka Clifton 9 and Hoka Mach 5? 

The Hoka Clifton 9 and Hoka Mach 5 are distinct models within Hoka’s renowned running shoe lineup.  

The Clifton 9 is celebrated for its plush cushioning and deeper support, making it ideal for longer, slower-paced runs.  

In contrast, the Mach 5 offers a slightly firmer ride, prioritizing responsiveness and agility, which makes it a favorable choice for quicker runs and speed workouts. 

How does the cushioning compare between the two models? 

The Clifton 9 boasts a luxurious cushioning experience with its single-density CMEVA midsole and Meta-Rocker geometry.  

This design provides a soft, energy-saving transition, catering to those who value maximum comfort over extended distances.  

On the other hand, the Mach 5’s dual foam PROFLY+ setup delivers a balance between cushioning and responsiveness, favoring a lighter feel and efficient energy return for swifter paces. 

Which model is better suited for long-distance running? 

If you’re seeking a companion for marathon distances and beyond, the Clifton 9 is a stellar choice.  

Its thicker stack height and robust cushioning offer exceptional impact absorption, reducing fatigue during prolonged runs.  

The Meta-Rocker technology also aids in smooth transitions, conserving energy over the miles. 

Which shoe is recommended for speed and interval training? 

 For runners who thrive on speed and agility, the Mach 5 shines as an apt choice.  

Its slightly firmer ride, combined with the dual foam midsole, provides the responsiveness needed for swift interval training and dynamic speed workouts.  

The lightweight construction of the Mach 5 contributes to a more nimble feel, perfect for picking up the pace. 

How does the stability differ between these models? 

The Clifton 9 takes the lead in terms of stability with its raised midsole sidewalls and Meta-Rocker geometry.  

This configuration guides your feet through seamless transitions and provides a secure, stable feel, making it a preferred option for runners seeking enhanced stability.  

While the Mach 5 doesn’t boast the Meta-Rocker design, its very design focuses on maintaining a solid, stable platform for confident runs. 

Can you highlight the differences in the upper design? 

Absolutely! The Clifton 9 features an engineered mesh upper with generous padding in the tongue, collar, and heel tab.  

This design ensures a snug lockdown and a comfortable fit, albeit with a narrower profile.  

On the other hand, the Mach 5’s engineered mesh upper is breathable and offers a lighter, more streamlined feel.  

Its gusseted tongue contributes to foot lockdown, while the wider fit accommodates a broader range of foot shapes. 

Which shoe offers a better ground feel and connection to the terrain? 

 If you’re looking for a more direct connection to the ground, the Mach 5 has the upper hand. Its thinner midsole and absence of traditional outsole rubber allow you to feel the surfaces beneath your feet, heightening your awareness and agility.  

This feature, coupled with the shoe’s lightweight construction, provides an invigorating ground feel that’s well-suited for dynamic runs. 

What about the durability of these shoes? 

The Clifton 9 excels in durability with its firmer, blown rubber on high-wear areas of the outsole. This design enhances the shoe’s longevity, making it a reliable choice for those seeking lasting performance. However, it’s important to note that the Mach 5’s outsole primarily consists of rubberized EVA foam, which may wear down faster than traditional rubber lugs. 

 Which shoe is recommended for daily training? 

 Both Clifton 9 and Mach 5 have their merits for daily training, catering to different preferences.  

The Clifton 9’s plush cushioning and stability make it an excellent option for relaxed paces and longer training sessions.  

On the other hand, the Mach 5’s agility and versatility make it a dynamic choice for daily training, particularly if you’re inclined towards speedwork and interval training. 

Can you summarize which shoe suits different types of runners? 

Certainly! The Clifton 9 is a fantastic fit for runners seeking ultimate cushioning and stability during long, leisurely runs.  

Its plushness and Meta-Rocker geometry make it an energy-efficient choice for marathon distances.  

Meanwhile, the Mach 5 caters to those craving agility and responsiveness for faster workouts and speed-focused runs.  

Its lightweight construction and dynamic design make it a favored pick for quick-paced endeavors. 

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