Do ECCO Shoes Run Big, Small, or True to Size? A Personal Perspective 

When it comes to buying shoes, getting the right size is essential for comfort and proper fit.  

As an avid shoe enthusiast and frequent ECCO shopper, I often get asked the question, ” Do ECCO shoes run big, small, or true to size ”  

In this blog post, I’ll share my personal experiences and insights to help you navigate ECCO shoe sizing and make informed decisions when purchasing your next pair. 

do ECCO shoes run big, small, or true to size

Understanding ECCO Shoe Sizing 

ECCO is known for its commitment to craftsmanship, quality materials, and innovative designs.  

However, like any shoe brand, the sizing can vary slightly between different models and collections.  

It’s crucial to understand the factors that may influence the fit of ECCO shoes to ensure you find the right size for your feet. 

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Do ECCO Shoes Run Big, Small, or True to Size: My Personal Experiences 

Having worn various ECCO shoe styles over the years, including dress shoes, sneakers, and boots, I’ve found that ECCO shoes generally run true to size.  

In most cases, I have been able to rely on my regular shoe size when purchasing ECCO footwear.  

This consistency has made it convenient for me to shop online without worrying about fit issues. 

Tips for Finding the Right Fit 

Measure Your Feet: Start by measuring the length and width of your feet using a reliable measuring tool.  

This will serve as a baseline reference when determining your ECCO shoe size. 

Consult ECCO’s Size Guide: ECCO provides a comprehensive size guide on their website, which includes specific measurements for each shoe model.  

Refer to this guide to determine the recommended size range for your feet. 

Read Customer Reviews: Take advantage of online customer reviews to gather insights from others who have purchased the specific ECCO shoe model you’re interested in.  

Pay attention to any feedback regarding sizing, such as whether the shoes tend to run small or large. 

Visit a Physical Store: If possible, try on ECCO shoes at a physical store to get a firsthand feel for their sizing.  

This can help you determine if you need to go up or down a half size based on the specific shoe style and your foot shape. 

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Do ECCO shoes come in wide width? 

Yes, ECCO offers a range of shoe styles in wide widths to accommodate individuals with wider feet.  

ECCO recognizes the importance of providing options for different foot shapes and sizes, and they strive to ensure a comfortable fit for everyone. 

ECCO understands that not all feet are created equal, and some people require a bit more room in their shoes.  

To cater to those with wider feet or those who prefer a roomier fit, ECCO designs specific shoe styles and collections in wide widths. 

When browsing ECCO’s selection, look for styles that are labeled as wide or mention a roomier fit.  

These wide-width options offer additional space in the forefoot and midfoot areas, allowing for a more comfortable and accommodating fit for individuals with wider feet. 

It’s worth noting that not all ECCO shoe models come in wide widths, so it’s essential to check the product descriptions or consult with ECCO’s customer service to determine which styles are available in wide widths. 

If you have wider feet or find that regular-width shoes feel too snug, opting for ECCO’s wide-width options can help ensure a better fit and enhanced comfort throughout the day. 

Remember, individual preferences and foot shapes can vary, so it’s a good idea to try on different sizes and styles to find the ideal fit for your specific needs.  

ECCO’s wide-width options provide an excellent solution for those seeking shoes with a more generous fit without compromising on quality, style, or comfort. 

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Do ECCO shoes stretch out? 

As someone who has worn ECCO shoes for years, I can share my personal experience with the stretching of ECCO shoes.  

ECCO shoes are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and use of premium materials, which can affect how much they stretch over time. 

In my experience, ECCO shoes do have some stretchability, but it is generally minimal.  

The materials used in ECCO shoes, such as leather or synthetic fabrics, tend to retain their shape well and offer a snug fit from the start.  

This is one of the reasons why ECCO shoes are favored for their excellent support and stability. 

However, it’s important to note that the stretching of ECCO shoes may vary depending on the specific style and materials used.  

Leather shoes, for example, tend to have some natural stretch over time as they mold to the contours of your feet. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, may have less stretchability. 

To ensure the best fit, it’s recommended to choose ECCO shoes that are already comfortable and properly sized when you first try them on.  

It’s always a good idea to visit a physical store and try on different sizes to find the perfect fit.  

Additionally, consulting the ECCO sizing guide or seeking assistance from ECCO’s customer service can provide further guidance on choosing the right size. 

While some minimal stretching may occur with regular wear, it is not significant enough to rely on as a means to achieve a better fit.  

It’s essential to prioritize finding the right size and style that suits your foot shape and preferences from the beginning. 

Overall, while ECCO shoes may have some minimal stretchability, it’s advisable to focus on selecting the proper size and style for the best initial fit.  

ECCO shoes are designed to provide excellent comfort, support, and durability, and finding the right fit from the start will ensure a great experience throughout the lifespan of your ECCO shoes. 


In my experience, ECCO shoes have proven to be true to size, providing a consistent and comfortable fit.  

However, it’s important to remember that individual foot characteristics and personal preferences can influence how a shoe feels.  

Therefore, I recommend taking the time to measure your feet accurately, consult ECCO’s size guide, and consider customer reviews before making your purchase.  

By doing so, you can increase the likelihood of finding the perfect fit and enjoying the exceptional quality and comfort that ECCO shoes offer. 

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