Are Allen Edmonds Shoes True to Size? My Personal Experience 

One of the questions that often arise when considering investing in a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes is whether they run true to size.  

As someone who has had the pleasure of owning several pairs of these exquisite shoes, I can share my personal experiences and shed light on this matter. 

Are Allen Edmonds shoes true to size

Does Allen Edmonds run true to size? 

In my experience, Allen Edmonds shoes do tend to run true to size, but with a slight caveat.  

When trying on a new pair for the first time, I found that they initially felt a tad snug.  

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that Allen Edmonds uses high-quality full-grain leather for their uppers, which provides a glove-like fit that mold to the shape of your feet over time. 

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With each wear, I noticed that the leather gradually softened and stretched, conforming to the contours of my feet.  

This break-in process is crucial for achieving the perfect fit and ensuring optimal comfort.  

While it may take a few wears for the shoes to adapt to your feet, it is well worth the patience and perseverance. 

When it comes to width, Allen Edmonds offers a range of options to accommodate different foot types.  

They provide various widths, from narrow to wide, allowing individuals to find their ideal fit.  

This inclusivity is a testament to the brand’s commitment to ensuring that everyone can experience the exceptional comfort and style of Allen Edmonds shoes. 

To find your correct size, I would recommend visiting an Allen Edmonds store or using their online fitting guide.  

Their knowledgeable staff can assist you in determining the appropriate size and width based on your measurements and foot shape. 

 It’s important to follow their guidance as the sizing can vary slightly depending on the particular last used for each shoe style. 

Lastly, it’s worth noting that individual preferences for fits can also play a role in determining the ideal size.  

Some individuals may prefer a slightly roomier fit, while others may prefer a snugger feel.  

Personal comfort and the intended use of the shoes should be taken into consideration when determining the size that works best for you. 

In summary, Allen Edmonds shoes generally run true to size, with the understanding that they may feel initially snug due to the high-quality leather that molds your feet over time. 

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By following the brand’s fitting guide and considering personal comfort preferences, you can find the perfect size and enjoy the exceptional fit and style that Allen Edmonds shoes offer. 

How do you measure Allen Edmonds’s width? 

When it comes to measuring the width for Allen Edmonds shoes, it’s essential to ensure a proper fit and optimal comfort. 

 The brand provides a simple and effective method to determine the correct width for your feet. 

To measure the width, you will need a Brannock device or a ruler.  

Begin by placing your foot on the device or ruler, ensuring that your weight is evenly distributed.  

Take note of the measurement at the widest part of your foot.  

This measurement will determine the appropriate width for your Allen Edmonds shoes. 

Allen Edmonds offers a range of widths, including narrow (B), medium (D), wide (E), extra wide (EEE), and sometimes even more specialized widths for certain styles.  

It’s important to refer to their width chart or consult with their knowledgeable staff to determine the best width option for your foot measurements. 

By following this straightforward measuring process and utilizing the resources provided by Allen Edmonds, you can confidently select the appropriate width for your shoes.  

This ensures a comfortable fit that allows you to enjoy the exceptional quality and style that Allen Edmonds is renowned for. 

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What is the normal width in Allen Edmonds? 

The standard width in Allen Edmonds shoes is commonly referred to as “D,” which represents the medium width.  

This is the most common width option available and is designed to fit the average foot shape comfortably.  

Allen Edmonds understands that not all feet are the same, and they strive to provide a range of widths to accommodate different foot types.  

Whether you have narrow feet (B), wide feet (E), or extra wide feet (EEE), Allen Edmonds has options available to ensure a proper fit and maximum comfort.  

So, rest assured that you can find the perfect width in Allen Edmonds shoes to experience the exceptional craftsmanship and timeless style that they offer. 

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