Top 9 Nike  Basketball Shoes

Let's look at the best basketball shoes from the biggest and most popular sports brand in the world. 

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 Nike LeBron 19 Low 

Experts say the Nike LeBron 19 Low might be a better performer than the 19s. But it's a little bit bulkier than others on the list. 


Nike PG 6

The full-length react is great you get a good court feel and responsiveness but you also get a nice bounce and impact protection in the heel which is a great combination. 


The Jordan 36 

The Jordan 36 has been in many lists just because it's an amazing performer there's also a new colorway that's out it's like a gradient it's uh orange the purple gradient. 


Nike Kyrie 8

Kyrie 8 is an amazing shoe with solid traction although you do need to break it in a little bit of cushion.


Nike Zoom GT Cut

It is a great low-profile shoe packed with Nike's latest tech.


Nike Kyrie Low 5

 The torsion support isn't the best other than that it's a great shoe.


Nike Cosmic Unity 

Nike Cosmic Unity is made from 25% recycled trash but it performs very well. This Nike pair gives you a good mix of impact protection and court feel. 


Nike Zoom GT Jump 

The cushion is the bounciest cushion ever right you got that full-length zoom struggle unit and you get crazy balance. 


 Nike KD 14

Overall, it has a really good court feel and the traction is solid, support is great, and also the cushion is really fun to play with.  


Image Credit : Getty