6 Exercises That Relax Your Feet and Strengthen Your Achilles 

If you come home with tired feet, do these exercises and see how they relieve you.  

In addition, you reinforce the ankles to prevent sprains and strains and combat the overload that can accumulate on the sole of the foot. 

Actually What causes your Achilles pain?  

When you do not step properly, the weight of your body is not well distributed throughout the foot.  

And this can cause some areas (such as the sole, the lower calf or the ankles) to become overloaded, causing pain and inflammation. 

In fact, the ankles are the most injured joint in the body. It is logical because they support a large part of the body weight and cushion the impact when walking. 

That is why it is easy for Achilles tendonitis to occur, increasing the risk of suffering from Achilles tendonitis.  

But if you exercise this joint and the muscles that surround it, your ankles will gain stability and strength, and you will avoid accidents. 

Practicing the exercises that we show you below on a regular basis will help you strengthen the ankle area and also relieve the tension that can accumulate in the fingers and the sole of the foot. 

What you should do and what you don’t. 

You should ride a bike, walk on the beach on wet sand… These activities strengthen the ankles and tone the foot. 

It is not convenient for you to wear very high and thin heels, but totally flat shoes are not good either.  

The ideal is a wide wedge heel that gives stability to the foot and does not exceed 4 centimeters.  

The type of sole should not be too rigid or too soft, to better distribute the weight. 


Image for the best shoes for achilles tendonitis

What Shoes to wear for Achilles Tendonitis

#1 First, you need to warm up your ankles for improving blood circulation

Stretching toes to Improve circulation

Stand on tiptoe. You can support yourself on the back of a chair first if you have poor balance, but try to loosen up little by little. 

Now support yourself only on one of the tips of your feet and bring the other right leg slightly behind you. 

Hold for 5 seconds, lower both feet to the ground and repeat 5 times. 

Switch legs and do the same. 

#2 Strengthens the sides

Stretches the foot sides

Sit near a wall.  

Put the outside of your foot one finger width away from the wall. 

Leaving the heel on the ground, gently press the area of the fingers against the wall.  

Hold for 5 seconds and return your flat foot to the ground.  

Repeat with the other foot. 

#3 Gain mobility in the fingers

Gain mobility in fingers exercise

Working your fingers will help you eliminate accumulated tension and gain flexibility in this area. 

Put some marbles, small balls, or clothespins on the ground. 

Place next to it, a little apart, a plate or a bowl. 

With your toes, pick them up one by one and place them in the container. 

#4 and loosen them up by stretching the calf

Stretching the calf exercise

Lie on your stomach, place your palms and toes on the mat, and straighten your elbows. 

From this position, raise your left leg for a few seconds trying not to lose your balance; the right should be stretched. 

Repeat on the opposite side and do the whole series again. 

#5 Stretch the plantar fasciia well

it back in the chair and now run a long scarf or towel under your right foot. 

Hold the ends of the handkerchief tightly with your hands (so that the sole of your foot stretches better) and stretch your leg. 

Hold for about 15 seconds, return to the starting position and do it again with the other leg. 

#6 Finish with a relaxing massage

Massage your foot with a bottle

Roll a bottle back and forth with the sole of your foot.  

Move it little by little, noticing the contact at all times. 

Repeat the movement with the other foot. 

That’s All 

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